After getting the high school diploma, between Italy and USA, I decided to continue my studies by enrolling in an Economics bachelor’s study programme here in Rome, but strongly focused on European and international integration.
In 2011 I won the H2CU (Honors Center of Italian Universities) scholarship, so I had an opportunity to do a part my master’s degree research thesis in New York.

At the end of the same year, just a couple of months after my graduation, I got hired by BNL – BNP Paribas, initially as a stageur in the Operations Headquarters. Within the same division, I was involved in many job rotations with increasing responsibilities over the years, including treasury, international checks and cash management, so that I could expand my banking knowledge and develop my skills on different processes, with the application of the lean six sigma methodology.

I succeeded in entering the Energy Lab 2016-2019 Talent Program, and finally, in February 2017, I completely changed my role inside the company moving to Project Management in Scenario & Consulting, an internal entity providing consultancy and PMO for all the macro transformational projects of BNP Paribas in Italy, located in the wonderful location of Via Veneto.

I chose the LUISS MBA Part-Time Formula because I felt it was the best way of investing in myself as I wanted to strengthen my background and improve my soft skills. I felt it was unique opportunity of studying while boosting my working career at the same time, being fully taught in English, in an innovative, internationally-oriented, challenging environment.

This MBA gives a T-view on the core of economics and management with general tools together with deep dives with programs like Adventure, Field-Project, Soft Skill Labs and meetings with C-level executives of international companies.
It was not just a theoretical, but also a pragmatic study programme, so I could put into practice what I learned from the MBA in my job straight away! I also had an opportunity to spend a month at ESSEC University in Paris in the context of the MBA Exchange Program, an amazing experience which I would never forget.

Being a former competitive swimmer, I was glad I was able to join the LUISS Swim Team, meaning the Business & Sports can go together, a view firmly supported and encouraged by this University.

LUISS MBA is not only a program but a never-ending enriching journey. Certainly it’s not easy, and a lot of effort and motivation will be required to face all the difficult challenges that will come along the path, but it’s the challenge that makes it great!
I’m proud of the win-win decision I made because of the strong brand LUISS has, together with its excellent faculty, colleagues and network. I believe education is the best field in which to invest, embedded in a “life-large” learning vision, and I can already feel this MBA has enhanced my personal and professional growth allowing me to step forward through reaching my dreams.