Corporate Wellness

How to improve employees’ performance and to retain them.


Corporate Wellness includes all the initiatives dedicated to personal care within the work environment, which companies perform by improving health and well-being conditions of their employees. These activities make a part of the broader concept of Company Welfare System that is a set of benefits promoted by companies for the workforce and aimed at improving their personal and professional lives.
The concept is far from monetary compensation and includes many complex services, which the employers may provide to employees in order to improve their well-being status, such as medical check-ups, specialist medical examinations, corporate gyms, nurseries, transports, scholarships, courses and more.
The potential results of those kinds of policies are very important as the benefits have effect on the employees, as well as on the rest of the organisation. In particular, the increasing productivity, the decreasing absenteeism, the increasing effect on the image and reputation of the company, the increasing retention of employees and talents are some of the most relevant effects of successful corporate wellness policies.
Big corporations are the closest to this kind of culture, but also many medium-sized Italian companies have recently adopted welfare models for their employees, in order to aspire to be “Top Employers”, or simply to be an example of attention to human resources.
Ferrari stands out among the first companies in Italy that design and launch corporate wellness policies. Thanks to the partnership with Med-Ex, the Corporate Wellness Services are a benefit for all the employees and their children: an annual sport medicine check-up combined with specialist medical examinations. The program is called “Formula Benessere” and includes all aspects of primary cardiovascular prevention and introduction to the sport activities.
There are many other important companies, such as FCA, Magneti Marelli, Abbvie/Abbott, committed to that kind of services. Strategically speaking, the employee’s well-being status increasingly becomes the focus of a company, which seem to increase in the future.

Giampietro Gregori - MBA 2013
Business Manager
Med-Ex Medicine & Exercise S.r.