This is the Newsletter’s “edition zero”, our first Newsletter.


I am very proud and privileged to write these lines in my new role as the President of the LUISS Business School Alumni Association, a new association through which we will manage our broad Community!
This is our first Newsletter. The aim of the editorial line is to collect industry insights thanks to contributions of our Alumni in order to obtain in depth perceptions on the most relevant topics for the business community.
Our mission is to strengthen and enhance the heritage of relationships among our former Graduates, who now hold various job positions around the world.
A degree program or an MBA program has played and, indeed, still plays a very important role for the former students. I remember my experience at the LUISS Business School’s MBA program, first edition. I have always maintained my relationship with my School and I would like to highlight the School’s impressive commitment in this regard.
In particular, what we expect of each other is, on the one hand, support from the School that has invested and is still investing considerable resources in order to assure the launch and development of the Community.
On the other hand, the Alumni will act as LUISS Business School’s Brand Ambassadors through their experiences and their contributions.
In particular, the School provides technological tools, such as Graduway, a platform that will allow Alumni to communicate with each other and intercept job and business opportunities. It also provides an access to a wide range of services, such as business coaching and career consulting.
The Alumni Association will launch the Mentorship Program aimed at supporting the MBAs and the Master candidates.
It is a significant time in the life of the School and its Alumni Community, who will always find support regarding their needs and aspirations!

Nicoletta Luppi
Vice President MSD
President LUISS Business School Alumni